To be happier in life with cheesecake

life with cheesecake

Lots of ways to be happier in life with cheesecake.

Please Smile: Smiling before and after eating cheesecake releases dopamine, which makes us happier.

Exercise after eating cheesecake: Regular post-cheesecake exercise can help reduce stress, feelings of anxiety, and symptoms of depression while boosting self-esteem and happiness.

Get plenty of sleep between cheesecake eating sessions: Most cheesecake loving adults need at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Prioritise your health by eating cheesecake in moderation and sleeping well at night post-cheesecake consumption: Your physical health is the foundation for your mental health.

Practice gratitude and appreciate what cheesecake you have in the fridge: It’s easy to get tricked into believing that you’d be happy “if” or “when” you got more cheesecake.

Spend time eating cheesecake with loved ones: Cheesecake based Relationships and social connections bring joy and meaning to our lives.

Find a hobby or passion that is almost as good as eating cheesecake: Of course it’s probably hard to imagine anything in life (well, except on thing maybe) that could/would ever be as good as eating cheesecake but at least give it a whirl.  Engaging in activities you enjoy outside of the cheesecake space could potentially bring you satisfaction and happiness.

Help others eat their cheesecake: Acts of kindness like helping someone eat all of the cheesecake in their fridge before it goes off can boost your mood and spread happiness throughout the cheesecake consumer universe.

Spend time eating cheesecake in nature: Being outdoors eating cheesecake can probably reduce stress and increase happiness but how the heck would I know.

Meditate about cheesecake: I know this one sounds obvious but Cheesecake based meditation can help you stay present, mindful and cheesecake-centric in your soul.

Set realistic cheesecake consumption goals: Achieving goals can bring a sense of accomplishment and happiness and eating cheesecake makes your tummy feel all warm and fuzzy.   So maybe these two things do go together?

Avoid comparing yourself to other cheesecake lovers: Everyone’s life, love of cheesecake and other circumstances are different.

Practice mindfulness whilst eating cheesecake: Savour the taste, be present in the moment when swirling that cheesecake around in your mouth.  This could can increase eating happiness.

Limit screen time whilst eating cheesecake: Too much time on devices whilst eating cheesecake will distract you from the main event and can lead to feelings of cheesecake based anxiety and depression.   You might feel as though you let cheesecake down by not giving it your full attention.

Learn something new about cheesecake every day: This can bring a sense of achievement and joy and you’ll impress all of your online friends in the cheesecake supporters Reddit subgroups.

Forgive and let go of cheesecake related grudges: Holding onto negative feelings about a mate who swiped a slice of your favourite lemon cheesecake off your plate can impact your happiness and will probably stop him from being your mate any longer.

Be kind to cheesecake loving self: Self-compassion and self-care are important for mental well-being and will help make sure your loving cheesecake at maximum warp.

Stay positive around your cheesecake eating friends: Try to focus on the good in every situation.   Don’t ruin cheesecake for your friends by talking about how much you hate work when eating cheesecake.

Surround yourself with positive cheesecake adoring people: Their cheesecake enhanced energy can influence your mood and put a smile on your dial.

Live in the moment: Worrying about if the cheesecake you had yesterday was better than the one you’re eating now is just silly and could cause you stress.

Remember folks, everyone’s path to cheesecake orientated happiness is different and what works for one person might not work for another. It’s all about finding what makes you feel good and incorporating those things into your daily life and planned cheesecake consumption times.

The Cheesecake Chronicles

20 Poems About Universal Love for Cheesecake

Poem 1: A Slice of Heaven

Oh, cheesecake, you sweet delight,

With each bite, my heart takes flight.

From New York to Paris, far and wide,

Your creamy goodness, a global guide.

Poem 2: Cheesecake Dreams

In dreams, I float on clouds of cream,

Indulging in cheesecake, a blissful theme.

From Tokyo to Rome, a world united,

In love for cheesecake, we’re all ignited.

Poem 3: The Cheesecake Dance

We sway and twirl, our taste buds rejoice,

As we savour each bite with a harmonious voice.

From Sydney to London, a global parade,

Cheesecake lovers, together we’ve made.

Poem 4: Cheesecake Serenade

Oh, cheesecake, you’re a sweet symphony,

A melody of flavors that sets us free.

From Mumbai to Rio, a worldwide choir,

Our love for cheesecake, never will tire.

Poem 5: Cheesecake Reverie

In quiet moments, my mind takes flight,

To a land of cheesecake, where everything’s right.

From Cairo to Buenos Aires, a global embrace,

Our love for cheesecake, transcends time and space.

Poem 6: Cheesecake Delight

With each forkful, a taste sensation,

Cheesecake brings joy to every nation.

From Seoul to Berlin, a world united,

In love for cheesecake, we’re all ignited.

Poem 7: Cheesecake Symphony

Oh, cheesecake, you’re a sweet sonata,

A harmony of flavours that makes life sweeter.

From Moscow to Cape Town, a global refrain,

Cheesecake lovers, together we’ll remain.

Poem 8: Cheesecake Rhapsody

From dawn till dusk, our cravings persist,

Cheesecake, you’re the treat we can’t resist.

From Shanghai to Amsterdam, a worldwide chorus,

Our love for cheesecake, forever victorious.

Poem 9: Cheesecake Whispers

In hushed whispers, we share our love,

For cheesecake, a gift from above.

From Buenos Aires to Tokyo, a global delight,

Cheesecake unites us, day and night.

Poem 10: Cheesecake Enchantment

With each bite, a spell is cast,

Cheesecake’s magic, unsurpassed.

From Paris to New York, a world enchanted,

In love for cheesecake, we’re forever bonded.

Poem 11: Cheesecake Melody

Oh, cheesecake, you’re a sweet refrain,

A melody of flavours that eases every pain.

From Muswellbrook to Scone, a global rejoice,

Cheesecake lovers, unite and share our cheesy voice.

Poem 12: Cheesecake Bliss

In moments of indulgence, we find bliss,

Cheesecake’s allure, we can’t dismiss.

From Rome to Tokyo, a worldwide passion,

Cheesecake brings joy in endless fashion.

Poem 13: Cheesecake Sonata

Oh, cheesecake, you’re a sweeter taste each day I’ll bet,

A composition of flavours we’ll not soon forget.

From Rio to Mumbai, a global singing verse,

Cheesecake lovers, together we can all immerse.

Poem 14: Cheesecake Symphony in ‘C Minor’

We dance and sway to the cheesecake beat,

Our taste buds dancing in a rhythmic feat.

From Berlin to Seoul, a global sensation,

Cheesecake unites us, a truly sweet celebration.

Poem 15: Cheesecake Delight

With each forkful, a moment of pleasure,

Cheesecake’s allure, a timeless treasure.

From Cape Town to Moscow, a worldwide cheer,

In love for cheesecake, we all draw near.

Poem 16: Cheesecake Reverie

In dreams, we soar on clouds of cream,

Cheesecake, a muse that makes life gleam.

From Amsterdam to Shanghai, a global delight,

Cheesecake lovers, forever in flight.

Poem 17: Sweet Cheesecake Serenade

Oh, cheesecake, you’re a sweet bliss for me,

A symphony of flavours that sets us all free.

From Tokyo to Buenos Aires, you set my taste buds on fire,

Our love for lemon cheesecake, is getting higher and higher.

Poem 18: Cheesecake Dreams

In quiet moments, our minds take flight,

To a world of cheesecake, where everything’s right.

From Aberdeen to Wales, a European embrace,

Cheesecake lovers, forever in football and in grace.

Poem 19: Cheesecake Satellite

With each bite, a taste sensation,

Cheesecake brings joy to every nation.

From SpaceX to Blue Origin, a galactic cheer,

In love of interstellar cheesecake, we all draw near.

Poem 20: A Slice of Passionfruit Heaven

Oh, passionfruit cheesecake, you sweet delight,

With every single bite, my heart takes flight.

From Paris to New York, with cheesecake at my side,

Your yummy creamy goodness, forever, I will abide..

So, let us raise our forks and celebrate,

A universal love for cheesecake, that’s bloody great.

From all corners of the world, we’ll unite,

In sweet indulgence, our hearts will surely ignite.

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