Cheesecake brought us together

Cheesecake brought us together, a letter to my wife.

cheese cake brought them together

I saw you in the park on Tuesday,

You walked past me with a smile,

I really hope you love a slice of cheesecake,

If so, I’ll sit and talk with you for a while.

Then I saw you at the station,

As I walked near you I did find,

The more that I approached you,

The more light on me did shine.

I discovered you love Cheesecake,

So marrying you was just a matter of time.

I’m looking forward to our dinner,

I hope you’ll find you enjoy my cheesy ways.

We’d spend 50 years together and I loved you more every day,

You always made me cheesecake, so you always got your way.

You watched when I worked the garden,

You watched me every single day,

I hope I never lose my memories,

I surely loved your every way.

I’ll never forget that rainy Wednesday,

When I got down on my knee to say,

Please let me be here with you,

Each and every single bloody day.

You looked down at me with a big smile,

Said you sure do love my cheesy ways,

Said you’re glad I found partner that will share my every day.

We got married in December,

It was the greatest of all days,

I’m so glad you made me cheesecake,

And friggen loved your every way.

Saturday mornings with our children,

Eggs and bacon, toast and maize,

There’s always room for cheesecake,

I hope it’ll always be this way.

Walking in the park with their kids,

I hope this world will find a way,

To let our grandkids have a future,

Let love and happiness fill their days.

You made me cheesecake on my birthdays,

You made me cheesecake when I was sad,

You knew just how to fix me and never got mad.

I miss your cheesecake something crazy,

I only buy them because I’m lazy.

I know up there watching over,

I hope my actions bring you joy,

I hope I’m good enough to join you when I learn that it’s my time.

I sit and eat a cheesecake at that Park where you did smile,

I know you’re always with me and you just left me for a while.

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