Mororo Peach Cheesecake

Mororo Peach Cheesecake

Make a Mororo Peach Cheesecake.

Peach cheesecake is a delicious dessert suitable for any Peach related occasion or cheesecake centric event.   The combination of sweet peaches and creamy cheesecake will satisfy your sweet tooth, as well as all of your other teeth.

If you lay awake at night dreaming of peach based desserts and you’re constantly craving a cheesecake that is both sweet and tangy, then this Mororo Peach Cheesecake article is for you.

The Perfect Climate for Amazing Peaches.

When it comes to growing peaches, the climate plays a crucial role in determining their taste and quality. Peaches thrive in cooler areas of Australia, where they can enjoy a mild climate and a cold winter. And it seems that Mororo, NSW, delivers the perfect weather conditions for these delicious fruits.

A Peach Paradise at ‘The Peach Farm’

Located at beautiful Mororo, NSW, ‘The Peach Farm’ is a place where you can experience the most incredible tasting peaches imaginable. As a peach enthusiast myself, I can confidently say that if you want to make a peach cheesecake that will truly wow your taste buds, using Mororo peaches is the way to go.

What might be the secrets to successful Peach Farming?

At ‘The Peach Farm’ in Mororo, I think it’s fair to say that they have perfected the art of growing peaches.

They no doubt understand the importance of finding a sunny position to plant.  

They probably also ensure that the soil is rich in organic matter with good drainage.

I hear you asking, “What are their other secrets”? I don’t know for sure but I’m guessing that they incorporate gypsum and compost into the soil prior to planting.

Additionally, they may have discovered years ago that by planting peaches on a mound can greatly improve drainage, especially in areas with heavy clay soils.

By implementing these techniques Peach Farmers like ‘The Peach Farm’ are more than likely creating ideal conditions for peach trees to flourish and produce the most gorgeous tasting Peaches.

Why Mororo Peaches are Perfect for Peach Cheesecakes.

When it comes to making peach cheesecakes, using Mororo peaches from ‘The Peach Farm’ is a game-changer for the Peach Loving Cheesecake World.

The exceptional taste and texture of Mororo peaches will elevate the flavour profile of any dessert, especially when combined with the creamy richness of cheesecake.

The peaches from ‘The Peach Farm’ in Mororo are packed with natural sweetness and juiciness. Their vibrant colour and aromatic fragrance make them a feast for the senses when incorporated into a delicious cheesecake.

I’m salivating just writing about biting into a slice of peach cheesecake with a velvety smooth texture, a delicate balance of sweetness, and a burst of fresh peach flavour.

It’s a dessert experience that makes me smile and will leave you craving more.

Supporting NSW Local Farmers.

By choosing Mororo peaches from ‘The Peach Farm’ for your peach cheesecakes, you not only treat yourself to the best-tasting peaches but also support local NSW farmers. Buying directly from the source ensures that you are getting the freshest produce while contributing to the sustainability of the local farming community.

So, the next time you are kicking back on your back porch and decide to indulge yourself by making in a peach cheesecake, remember to make it with Mororo peaches from ‘The Peach Farm.’

Your taste buds will thank you, and you’ll be supporting a local business that is dedicated to delivering the most beautiful and delicious peaches.

Experience the magic of Mororo peaches and discover a whole new world of flavour in your peach cheesecakes. Trust me, once you’ve tasted the difference, you’ll be hooked.  Hurry up November; I want some fresh picked peaches from the place that grows them the best.

You can even stay there, they offer camping, glamping, pet-friendly accommodation, farm animals to look at for the city folk, playgrounds, events, and much more.

Now, let us make a Mororo Peach Cheesecake.

Your No Bake Crust Ingredients:

1.    200 to 250 grams McVities Digestives Crackers, Crushed.

2.   30 grams of McKenzies Shredded Coconut.

3.   Around 30 grams of CSR Brown sugar.

4.   100 grams of Lurpak Unsalted Butter.

Your Peach Cheesecake Filling Ingredients:

1.    About 230 grams of Philadelphia Cream cheese.  

2.   Approximately 715 grams of Devondale Whipped cream.

3.   About 230-240 grams of CSR Icing Sugar.

4.   80 grams of Melted Cadbury Dream White Chocolate

5.   Around 1/3 to nearly 1/2 cup of Peaches freshly picked from ‘The Peach Farm’ at Mororo, NSW.  Cut up into small slices.

You will need some Peach Syrup Topping.

You can either make some Peach Syrup but I recommend buying some online.  There’s plenty of options, I personally like a particular one that Rockmans sell.  It’s a pretty nice Peach Syrup, look for the Arkadia 750ml bottle, about $30 online.

Here are the 11 step instructions.

1.    In a non porous glass mixing bowl, add the McVities Digestives Crackers crumbs, the McKenzies shredded coconut, the CSR brown sugar and mix everything roughly together.

2.   Add melted Lurpak butter and mix everything until you have a coarse mixture.

3.   Put this mixture into a your Cook & Dine Cake Tin. Press it all down nice and firmly via using the flat bottom of your water bottle or measuring cup. Chill this in the fridge for around 40 minutes or until it becomes fairly hard.

4.   In a separate mixing bowl, thrash the Philadelphia cream cheese until it is silky smooth.

5.   Add the CSR powdered sugar and melted White Cadbury Dream Chocolate and mix it all together until everything is well combined.

6.   Now, fold in the really nice Devondale whipped cream and Mororo Peaches you were lucky enough to get from The Peach Farm.

7.   Dispense your gorgeous looking peach cheesecake filling over the chilled cracker crust.

8.   Smooth the top with a spatula, wooden spoon, butter knife or whatever you’ve got handy.

9.   Chill your incredibly tasty looking Cheesecake in the fridge for around 12 to 18 hours; I think the longer you leave it, the better.

10.        Once the cheesecake has set, remove it from the Cook & Dine Cake Tin. Arrange the Mororo Peach slices on top of the cheesecake and then pour your Arkadia peach syrup all over those great looking peaches.

11. Slice it up, sit in on the kitchen counter and watch it disappear in just a few seconds.

Travel from Dededo Village in Guam to ‘The Peach Farm’ at Mororo, NSW.

What if you live in at the famous Dededo Village in Guam and after reading this article want to visit ‘The Peach Farm’ during our next Stone Fruit season which starts in November and runs over the summer months.

No problem Folks, part 1 of your journey is the 10 minute cab ride from Dededo to the Guam International Airport.

Fly here at Maximum Warp via Philippine Airlines, Korean Air or ANA.

It’ll take between 26hrs to 41hrs depending on which carrier you opt for.

Once you arrive safely at Sydney International Airport in Mascot, jump in a Budget Hire Car and enjoy the 7 hour drive to ‘The Peach Farm’ located at 5799 Pacific Hwy Mororo, NSW, 2469.

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