Coffee and Cheesecake in Montenegro

The Very Beautiful Montenegro

Coffee & Cheesecake in Beautiful Montenegro

The truly beautiful country of Montenegro in 2024 has a population of slightly more than 626,100 people.  It is one of the few places on Earth that has maintained a consistent population size over several years and I think this is a great thing. 

Their constant population gives Montenegro several advantages over countries like Australia, which seek constant population growth regardless of the country’s financial ability to do so. 

Montenegro’s consistent population size ensures labour market stability, enables better management of health care, pension systems, infrastructure planning, and the housing market, and provides excellent budget predictability.

With all of these positives in place, as well as Montenegro’s natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular tourist destination. 

With wonderful tourist destinations such as the charming town of Perast, the old and beautiful towns of Kotor and Budva, and the Stefan Peninsula, it provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life.  

Montenegro’s café culture is very much alive.  You will often see locals and visitors enjoying the cosy ambience of their gorgeous cafés as they unwind, savour delicious coffee and treats such as cheesecake, and take in the natural beauty of the surroundings. 

Montenegro has lots of very charming cafés on cobblestone streets that overlook the Adriatic Sea and these scenes are unforgettable. 

Conversations flow freely in Montenegro, and the people are well-known for their warm hospitality and welcoming attitude towards tourists from all over the world.  

Although English is widely spoken, it would be beneficial to learn some Montenegrin from websites and apps such as Trafalgar, Mylanguages, or MyLanguageExchange; at the time of writing, Montenegrin was not available on Google Translate.

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My Guide For Exploring Montenegro.

Explore lovely Montenegro

Please sit back and relax as I provide you with a cheesecake and coffee consuming guide to enjoying some of the great Cafes, Hotels and Attractions of lovely Montenegro.

As you may or may not know, Montenegro is an absolutely beautiful country in Southeast Europe. 

It is well known for its stunning natural scenery, rich cultural heritage, and friendly people. But did you know that Montenegro is also a great destination for coffee and cheesecake lovers?

Please allow me to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of the best cafes in Montenegro, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake, as well as the best hotels to stay at when visiting these cafes. 

I’ll do my very best to help you out with doing the tourist thing as well.

Caffe bar Paradiso in Plav, Montenegro.

Caffe bar Paradiso is a charming and rustic cafe bar that is located in a scenic area near the lake in Plav, a small town in the north of Montenegro, It is located at Racina, Plav 84325.

It offers coffee, tea, juice, and snacks, as well as cheesecake and other sweets. It is open every day from 7am to Midnight.

You can relax and enjoy the view of the lake and the mountains, or explore the nearby attractions, such as the Prokletije National Park, the Ali Pasha Springs, and the Redzepagic Tower.

Enjoy Staying at the Hotel Kula Damjanova.

After a busy day exploring around this area and feel would like to stay overnight somewhere near the Caffe bar Paradiso, one of the best options is the Hotel Kula Damjanova.

 The Hotel Kula Damjanova a cozy and traditional hotel that is situated on the shore of the lake. The hotel has 12 rooms, each with a private bathroom, a TV, and free wi-fi.

The hotel also has a restaurant that serves local and international cuisine, a terrace that overlooks the lake, and a garden that offers a peaceful atmosphere.

The hotel is about 4 km away from Cafe bar Paradiso, and you can reach it by car, taxi, or bike. 

If you suspect you’ll want a slice of cheesecake whilst staying there, you can always ask the hotel staff or the restaurant manager if they have cheesecake available, or if they can prepare it for you upon request.

You can contact the hotel by phone at 067 638 311, or by email at, enjoy the tranquility.

Doppio Cafe Bar in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Doppio Cafe Bar is a stylish and elegant cafe bar that serves coffee, cocktails, and desserts in Podgorica, which is the capital city of Montenegro. It has a spacious terrace and a cozy interior. 

It is a great place to relax and socialize.   It is open every day from 8am to late, except on Sundays when it opens at 10am.

You can try their signature drinks, such as the Doppio Mojito, the Doppio Espresso Martini, and the Doppio Hot Chocolate, as well as their delicious cheesecake, tiramisu, and macarons.

If you are looking for a place to stay near Doppio Cafe Bar, one of the best options is the Ramada by Wyndham Podgorica, a modern and luxurious hotel that is located in the very heart of Podgorica.

The hotel has 110 rooms, each with a private bathroom, a minibar, a safe, a TV, and free wi-fi.

The hotel also has a fitness centre, a sauna, a restaurant, and a bar. The hotel is about 1.1 km away from Doppio Cafe Bar, and you can reach it by car, taxi, or walk.

After checking in to the Ramada, head back to the Doppio Cafe Bar, grab a coffee and another slice of cheesecake and then why not do a bit of exploring nearby; here are five ideas that come to mind:

1.    Visit Skaline and Stone Bridge: This is a romantic spot where you can see the oldest stone bridge in Podgorica, dating back to Roman times.

a.   It is located at the confluence of the Ribnica and Morača rivers, and offers a beautiful view of the city and the nature.

b.   It is about 1.4 km away from Doppio Cafe Bar.

2.   Explore Hill Gorica: This is a green oasis in the middle of the city, where you can enjoy hiking, biking, or picnicking.

a.   It is also a historical site, as it was the location of the first anti-fascist uprising in Europe in 1941.

b.   It has a monument, a church, and a panoramic view of Podgorica.

c.   It is about 2.2 km away from Doppio Cafe Bar.

3.   Escape to the Hill Ljubovic: This spot offers a great escape from the urban noise.

a.   It has a park, a playground, a sports centre, and even a restaurant.

b.   It is also a popular spot for paragliding, as it has a launch pad and a landing zone.

c.   You can admire the city and the mountains from the air, or watch the paragliders from the ground.

d.   It is about 4.4 km away from Doppio Cafe Bar.

4.   Hike to Grlo Sokolovo: This is a natural attraction that is also known as the Falcon’s Throat.

a.   It is a narrow canyon that is carved by the Cijevna River, and has a waterfall, a cave, and a bridge.

b.   It is a scenic and adventurous place to visit, as you can hike, swim, or climb.

c.   It is about 9.7 km away from Doppio Cafe Bar, and you can reach it by car, taxi, or bike.

5.   Old Town and Clock Tower: This is the historical and cultural centre of Podgorica, where you can see the remnants of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rule.

a.   You can visit the Clock Tower, which is the symbol of the city, the Old Turkish Bath, which is now a museum, and the Old Bazaar, which is now a pedestrian zone.

b.   You can also enjoy the cafes, restaurants, and shops in the area.

c.   It is about 1.5 km away from Doppio Cafe Bar.

ZRNO Café’ in Podgorica, Montenegro.

ZRNO is a contemporary coffee shop that is popular for its high-quality coffee and friendly service in Podgorica.

It also offers a selection of cakes and pastries, such as cheesecake, tiramisu, and brownies.

It is open every day from 7:30am to Midnight, except on Saturdays and Sundays when it opens at 9am.

You can enjoy their specialty coffee, such as the ZRNO Blend, the ZRNO Single Origin, and the ZRNO Cold Brew, as well as their homemade syrups, such as the ZRNO Vanilla, the ZRNO Caramel, and the ZRNO Hazelnut.

If you are looking for a place to stay near ZRNO, one of the best options is the Hotel M Nikic, a comfortable and elegant hotel that is situated in the centre of Podgorica.

It is a six story, four-star hotel that has 71 rooms, each with a private bathroom, a mini-bar, a safe, a TV, and free wi-fi.  

This quality hotel also has a fitness centre, a spa, a restaurant, and a bar.

The Hotel M Nikic is about 1.2 km away from the ZRNO coffee shop.

Be sure to visit the King’s Park, and the Lake Skadar.

King’s Park in particular is a beautiful park located by the riverside in Podgorica.   It has a historical significance, as it was opened in 1910 to honour the coronation of King Nikola, who was the last ruler of Montenegro. 

It has a modern look, as it was renovated in 2009 and features a large light-lit fountain and a playground for the kids.  

It has an incredible natural beauty, as it is surrounded by trees and gorgeous flowers, and offers a view of the river and the city.

Also, if you are looking for a movie theatre near the Hotel M Nikic, you have can go to the Cineplexx.  

It’s located at Cetinjski is Cetinjski Put, Podgorica and that’s 2.9 km away from Hotel M Nikic.

It should take about 6 minutes to get there by a car (hire car or taxi).   During the week they will normally start showing movies around 3pm and on the weekends as early as 10am.

If you think you will need a hire car.

Which then brings me to the point, if you would like to hire a car when staying at the Hotel M Nikic, you could try Budva rentacar. 

They are a car rental company that operates in Budva, Podgorica, and Tivat. It has a fleet of cars, vans, and SUVs, and offers free delivery and pick-up, unlimited mileage, and full insurance.

It is about 1.4 km away from Hotel M Nikic.

Caffe-restoran Mehanizam in Podgorica.

Caffe-restoran Mehanizam is a cafe-restaurant that has a modern and cozy atmosphere, and serves a variety of dishes and drinks, including coffee and cheesecake in Podgorica.

It is open every day from 8am to Midnight. You can choose from their menu, which includes salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pastas, steaks, and seafood, as well as their desserts, such as cheesecake, chocolate cake, and apple pie.

You can also enjoy their live music and they also have karaoke nights sometimes.

If needing to find somewhere nice to stay near Caffe-restoran Mehanizam, one of the best options is the Hilton Podgorica Crna Gora.  

It is an 8 story hotel, 4-Star hotel and was renovated in 2017 and a short distance to the railway station.  

The Hilton Podgorica Crna Gora hotel has 180 lovely rooms, each with a private bathroom, a mini-bar, a safe, a TV, and free wi-fi.

The hotel also has a fitness centre, a spa, a rooftop bar, and four restaurants.

Unfortunately the Sky Bar is closed till May 2024 as far as I know, which is a real shame as the views from up there are absolutely spectacular. 

The Hilton is about 1.3 km away from Caffe-restoran Mehanizam.

Let’s get you ready for your first trip to Montenegro.

Truly Beautiful Montenegro

I can only share with you information about travelling from Sydney International Airport to Montenegro and to be honest, it’s a little dated but what I can offer you will give you a pretty good idea. 

Sure, it’s a bit of a trip to travel from Mascot to Montenegro but it is well worth the hassle, as there are not many equally beautiful countries on Earth.  

Your journey will involve a few flights and you can select between Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Austrian Airlines and Thai Airways.  

It will cost you between $2.2K to 3.3K for the round trip and it takes a little between 28 to 33 hours to get there if you use Turkish Airlines or Thai Airways. 

It can take nearly twice as long on the other carriers due to their flight paths.   Coming back to Sydney is much faster and this can take only 25 hours.

Properly Prepare for your trip to Montenegro

When travelling from your home country town or big city to beautiful Montenegro, it is critical that you pack wisely to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey/vacation.

While Montenegro is a stunning destination, there are a few practical considerations to keep in mind (just to be safe), such as taking certain items with you and, in some cases, bringing a backup or two.

It all depends on how far you want to travel from major shopping centres like the Mall of Montenegro in the heart of Podgorica, the Shopping Centre Kamelija in Kotor, the TQ Plaza in Budva, or The Capital Plaza in Podgorica.

If you do want to read on and learn some of my ideas on some things to take with you on your trip to Montenegro, below are my thoughts:

1.    Pack some Wet Weather Gear:  Montenegro’s average rainfall varies by region due to the country’s diverse landscape. 

a.   The most rain will fall along the coast, followed by the inland areas, and in some years, the mountainous regions will receive the most rainfall. 

b.   So, to be safe, bring a rainproof poncho, a hooded raincoat, a waterproof jacket

c.   Montenegro experiences frequent rain, particularly in the mountainous regions, during certain seasons/years. 

d.   A lightweight raincoat or waterproof jacket is the minimum I would pack. 

e.   Purchase a Travel or Compact Umbrella.  A compact travel umbrella that can fit into a comfortable ‘walking around backpack’ can be very handy for any unexpected showers.

2.   Take an extra pair of comfortable walking shoes:  Montenegro’s rugged landscapes and historic towns require comfortable footwear.

a.   Pack sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots for exploring.

3.   Layered or Warm Clothing for the cooler months:  Lightweight Winter Clothing are all that you should need in Montenegro. 

a.   It does not typically get too cold during winter but this country does have varying climates due to its topography.

b.   Pack light winter clothing that you can easily add or remove. 

c.   Pack at least one thick sweater or fleecy jumper, just in case you do catch an extra cold evening.

d.   Although rare, there may be instances in Montenegro whereby the temperature might be cooler than what you’ve been used to, especially in the mountains and this might catch you out.

4.   Sun Protection for Summer:  Although it does not get extremely hot in Montenegro (not usually above 32 degrees Celsius during the summer), this does not mean that you should not be concerned about the sun while visiting this picturesque country. 

a.   Make the most of your summer visit by packing some Sunscreen, a quality pair of quality polarized Sunglasses and a Wide Brim Hat.

b.   The Adriatic coast can be both sunny and hot and as we all know suitably protective sunscreen protects your skin.   

c.   Some 50+ Sunscreen, a good pair of Sunglasses and a wide brim hat will protect your eyes and skin from the sun’s potentially harmful radiation and glare.

5.   Pack Your Swimwear during summer:  Montenegro boasts beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters.

a.   So if you are travelling there in times of nice warm weather, please do not forget your swimmers.  

b.   Unlike Australia, Shark attacks are extremely rare in the areas anywhere near Montenegro, and from what I recall, there are few to no marine species to be concerned about.  

c.   According to my memory, the Adriatic Sea may contain less than ten shark species and the ones that are there are quite timid.    

d.   There are a few non-scary shark species that come to mind, including the Dogfish Shark, Smoothhound Shark, Angel Shark, Blue Shark, and Thresher Shark, and from what I recall, none of them care about humans swimming in the water. 

e.   They do have some jellyfish in the area but none of the scary kind like in the top end of Australia.  The jellyfish you might encounter only give minor stings.  

f.   The most important thing to remember (as with any beach) is to swim between the flags.

6.   Extras for your Personal Electronic Devices:  Packing an extra couple of adapters and converters will ensure that you have no problems contacting your loved ones via your smart-phone or tablet while touring Montenegro. 

a.   Bring at least one additional universal travel adapter for charging your devices. From memory, Montenegro uses a European-style plug (Type C).

7.   Learn the Lingo:  While English is widely spoken, having a basic Montenegrin language guide or app can be helpful for interactions with locals.

8.   Reusable Water Bottle and Travel Coffee Mug:  Stay hydrated while travelling throughout Montenegro by bringing your own refillable water bottles, which are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. 

a.   You can also avoid contributing to single-use plastic waste in this beautiful country by bringing your own travel coffee mug each time you visit a café’.

9.   Medications and First Aid Kit:  Unlike Australia, where you should be cautious of any snake or spider you come across, Montenegro is a country where Mother Nature does not want to harm those who travel through it. 

a.   To my knowledge/from memory, there is only one venomous snake in the entire country, the nose-horned viper, which is a mountain snake that prefers to live among rocks and can be avoided. 

b.   I’m not aware of any life-threatening spiders in Montenegro; there are a couple of spiders that will make you dislike them if they bite you, but the European Black Widow and the European Tarantula will not kill you from my best knowledge. 

c.   Ticks are common in Montenegro’s grassy and wooded areas, as they are in many other countries, so check yourself and your partner every day if you spend time in these areas. 

d.   Bring any necessary medications and a basic first-aid kit. Pharmacies are available, but you should always be prepared for the worse possible scenario to avoid a regretful holiday/vacation.

10.        Take Your Camera, Camera Chargers and/or a GoPro: Take your Cannon, Olympus, Panasonic, or Sony cameras to ensure that you don’t miss anything while touring Montenegro. 

a.   If you are familiar with GoPro, you will be carrying at least a GoPro10 or 11.  

b.   Don’t be upset about not being able to capture precious moments in Montenegro because you lost or misplaced your charger; instead, pack at least two extras and be confident that you’ll be covered for the duration of your trip.


Remember that Montenegro is a blend of coastal charm, mountain vistas, and historical treasures. 

It’s one of the best places to visit if you would like to switch off from the hassles of the world and enjoy a beautiful country with wonderful people.

Pack thoughtfully without making your luggage overly heavy, stay adaptable, and immerse yourself in this absolutely stunning and captivating country.

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