Coffee & Cheesecake East Sussex

Coffee and Cheesecake Tour East Sussex

Coffee and Cheesecake Café Tour of East Sussex.

There’s nothing quite like the delightful combination of coffee and cheesecake whilst sitting outside a café’ at a beautiful part of the world.  This is an experience you may happen upon if you find yourself in East Sussex, England’s charming towns.

Via this article, I will share with you my ‘East to West Coffee and Cheesecake Tour’ of East Sussex.  This adventure begins in Rye (1), continues to St Leonards-On-Sea (2), Eastbourne (3), and the vibrant city of Brighton (4), and last but not least concludes in Hove (5).

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There are many coffee shops and cafes in these quaint seaside towns, each quite often offering their own different twist on this delicious combination.

Winter Delights: Warmth and Comfort in Every Bite.

The flavours of cheesecake and coffee take on a warm, comforting twist in the winter. You may well experience that Cafes in East Sussex begin to serve rich, decadent cheesecakes with strong, robust coffees as the weather cools. 

The traditional New York-style cheesecake with a hot cup of dark roast coffee is a popular wintertime combo. The rich, earthy flavours of the coffee are ideally complemented by the creamy, tart cheesecake, which strikes a beautiful balance between sweetness and depth. 

Cafes frequently offer seasonal variations, like spiced pumpkin cheesecake with a cinnamon-infused latte, for those looking for a more daring winter pairing.

A really nice combination of flavours is produced by the harmonious blending of the warm spices in the cheesecake with the aromatic notes of the coffee.

Summer Indulgences: Refreshing and Light Treats.

The coffee and cheesecake combinations can sometimes take on a lighter and more refreshing twist as the sun beams down upon East Sussex.

It’s not uncommon for Cafés to welcome summer with a selection of tart and fruity cheesecakes to go with brain freezing iced coffees.

Iced caramel macchiato and zesty lemon cheesecake are a commonly enjoyed summertime combination. The smooth and creamy caramel notes of the coffee blend perfectly with the tangy citrus flavours of the cheesecake, making it the ideal treat to beat the summer heat. 

You will also find many Coffee shops serving up tropical mango cheesecake and iced coconut mochas to customers who are itching for a taste of the tropics during the peak of summer.

With each sip and bite, the tropical sweetness of the cheesecake transports you to a sunny paradise, perfectly paired with the coffee’s rich chocolate and creamy coconut flavours.

Coffee and Cheesecake taste preferences across the seasons.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why do our tastes in cheesecake and coffee evolve over the course of the year”?

In my opinion, several factors influence this, including the season, the weather, and our desire for variety.

I’ve often thought that our bodies seek out new tastes and textures to adjust to the changing weather as the seasons change. 

We tend to choose rich and decadent cheesecakes paired with strong and robust coffees for warmth and comfort in the winter.

Comforting flavours can help us ward off the cold and make us feel cozy.  On the other hand, to combat the heat, summertime calls for treats that are lighter, cooler and more refreshing.

On the other hand, Iced Coffee and tangy or fruity cheesecakes make for a cool and refreshing break in the warmer months.

As a result, East Sussex Cafés will do their best to look after your coffee and cheesecake preferences throughout the course of each season, providing you with a delightful selection of quality coffee and cheesecake combinations to satisfy every craving.  

Whether you visit Rye, St Leonards-On-Sea, Eastbourne, Brighton, or Hove, these coastal towns have something for everyone, from fruity and refreshing summer treats to rich and decadent winter pairings.

1. The Fig: Rye

Rye East Sussex England

The Fig, situated in the charming town of Rye, is a delightful café that offers a unique coffee and cheesecake experience. With its rustic charm and delicious offerings, it’s a must-visit for any coffee and cheesecake lover.

Rye, is a medieval town with beautiful cobbled streets and timber-framed houses, it has a fascinating history.

Once a bustling port, it played a significant role in trade during the medieval era. Today, visitors can explore the historic Rye Castle, wander through the quaint streets, and enjoy panoramic views from St Mary’s Church tower.

Here are some top attractions and things to do that I can think of in Rye:

1.    Discover Old Town Rye: Take a stroll around the iconic old town centre, home to well-preserved timber-framed homes, the Mermaid Inn, and the well-known Mermaid Street. Don’t miss the impressive views from Ypres Tower.

2.   Visit Rye Harbour Nature Reserve to Go Bird Watching: This 1,000-acre reserve has a variety of habitats, such as woods, sand, and marshlands. Huts for bird watching offer great views of the surrounding landscape and wildlife.

3.   Explore Rye’s maritime history at the Rye Castle Museum and ascend Ypres Tower to take in the expansive views from the top level.

4.   See the View from St. Mary’s Parish Church: Ascend the church tower to get a breathtaking perspective of Rye and the surrounding area.

5.   Visit Lamb House: This National Trust property was once the residence of writer Henry James.

6.   Play in the Surf at Camber Sands: Beautiful sandy beaches can be found at Camber Sands, a short drive from Rye.

7.   Wander through the Landgate Arch: Rye can be best explored from this historic gate.

If you want to stay near The Fig after a long day of sightseeing and doing the whole ‘tourist thing’, there are several very nice hotels in the area.

The George in Rye is a popular choice, and it’s only a 2-minute walk from the cafe. Other nearby options includes The Mermaid Inn (5-minute walk) and The Hope Anchor Hotel (6-7 minute walk).

2. Babilicious: St Leonards-on-Sea

St Leonards On Sea

For lovers of cheesecake and coffee, Babilicious is a must-visit café in the quaint town of St Leonards-on-Sea. This very charming café serves a delicious assortment of cheesecake flavours in addition to a delightful selection of freshly brewed coffees.

Beautiful St. Leonards-on-Sea is a seaside town with a lot to offer tourists. The following are a few of the area’s top tourist destinations:

1.    Teddy Tinker’s: An antique store featuring an extensive assortment of collectibles, vintage apparel, fancy dress, and antiques.

2.   Warrior Square Gardens: An exquisite garden where Queen Victoria’s statue is prominently displayed next to the sidewalk.

3.   Combe Valley Countryside Park is a wildlife and nature preserve featuring ponds, bike paths, walking trails, and wetland areas.

4.   Grosvenor Gardens: A charming door leading to the park/bowling green on a well-appointed garden terrace.

5.   Hastings Antiques Centre: A centre brimming with artwork and antiques.

6.   Christ Church is a stunning church that frequently hosts concerts.

St Leonards-On-Sea is well-known for its beautiful Victorian architecture and stunning seafront; it has a rich history and is an incredibly beautiful place to visit.

Founded in the early nineteenth century, the town was a popular resort destination for the wealthy. Today, visitors can stroll through the historic streets, visit local art galleries, and relax on the beautiful beach.

If you want to stay near the Babilicious Cafe, there is a very nice hotel called The Bannatyne Spa Hotel that is only a 10-minute drive away; otherwise, if you’re willing to drive a little further, there’s The Relais Cooden Beach (15 minute drive) and Winchelsea Lodge (18 minute drive). 

3. Urban Ground : Eastbourne

historic Eastbourne

 ‘Urban Ground’, located in the picturesque town of Eastbourne, is a coffee and cheesecake haven. It’s the ideal place to unwind and eat delicious treats.   Eastbourne is well-known for its beautiful seafront and iconic pier, and it has a long history dating back to the Roman period.

During the Victorian era, the town grew into a popular seaside resort, attracting visitors with its beautiful promenade and elegant architecture.  

If you plan to stay near the Urban Ground, there are a few very nice hotels nearby. The Grand Hotel Eastbourne is a truly luxurious option located just a 4-minute drive from the Urban Ground café. Other nearby options includes:

·        The View Hotel (a 3-minute drive away)

·        The Hydro Hotel (5-minute drive).

4. Sunbirds Deli: Brighton

Brighton Royal Pavilion

Situated in Brighton, which is a bustling city, Sunbirds Deli is a sanctuary for cheesecake and coffee enthusiasts.

For anyone interested in a quality dessert and some lovely coffee, this trendy café is a must-visit.   If you’re in the mood for more than just coffee and cheesecake, grab a look at their mouth-watering menu.  You will love the décor at the Sunbirds Deli. 

Brighton has a rich history and is famous for its iconic pier and vibrant atmosphere. It evolved from a sleepy fishing village to a fashionable resort town in the 18th century. Today, visitors can enjoy the vibrant nightlife, walk along Brighton Pier, and visit the renowned Royal Pavilion. 

If you intend to stay close to Sunbirds Deli, there are a couple of excellent quality hotels in the area.

The Hotel du Vin & Bistro Brighton is a popular choice, located just a 6 minute drive away from the café. Otherwise, if you want to really treat yourself, consider the very beautiful Hotel Pelirocco, just a 7 minute drive.

5. Cafe Quench: Hove

Hove and the beach huts

For those who really enjoy coffee and cheesecake, Cafe Quench is a hidden gem situated in the energetic city of Hove.

They have a mouth-watering selection of cheesecakes to go with their delicious coffee, which will have you coming back and wanting more.
The very popular seaside town Hove has an interesting past.

Once a fishing village, the railway’s development led to its rapid growth during the 19th century. Hove is now well-known for its vibrant beach huts, busy promenade, and recognisable Hove Lagoon.

If you’re looking for a comfortable place to stay near Cafe Quench, you can consider the The Brunswick Square Hotel, a luxurious 4-star hotel situated just a short 5 minute drive away.

Other nearby options include the Mercure Brighton Seafront Hotel (5 Minutes drive) and The Old Ship Hotel (8 minutes drive).

I hope you enjoy this Coffee and Cheesecake Tour.

coffee and cheesecake conclusion

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a cheesecake enthusiast, this tour promises a memorable culinary experience coupled with a journey through the fascinating history and indisputable beauty of East Sussex.   

Before you embark on a East Sussex coffee and cheesecake tour there are a few things you need to prepare for, especially if you’re traveling from overseas and be sure to take your travel coffee mug prior to leaving. 

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